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Research visit to University of Brighton

I was thrilled when Amanda Pentecost first told me about the NOMAD project. The project is exciting because it brings together interdisciplinary science from Universities in the US, UK, and China to explore potential solutions for important global health challenges. One of these challenges is sepsis, a hyper inflammatory condition triggered by signal proteins called […]

Graphene chemistry from China to Brighton

At the end of last year Yishan Zheng visited North Western Polytechnical University based in Xi’an, China. Here’s what Yishan wrote about her time in NWPU: In NOMAD we are focusing our work on nanostructured carbon materials, which we believe, have great potential to combat many diseases and illnesses. Being primarily a biologist, the opportunity […]

NOMAD researchers visit partners in China

Boris Dyatkin (Drexel University) and Yishan Zheng (University of Brighton) recently met with other NOMAD researchers LeiLei Zhang and Hejun Li at Northwestern Polytechnical University, China. Boris presented a seminar entitled ‘Carbon Nanostructures and Related Materials: Novel Synthesis Approaches, Properties and Applications’. Click HERE to download the seminar abstract. There was also further discussion of […]

Yishan Zheng NOMAD researcher to visit NOMAD partner NWPU

PhD student Yishan Zheng will be visiting our NOMAD partner North Western Polytechnical University in China during October.  Yishan will be exploring the ways in which NWPU develop and modify graphene and undertaking other exploration and experimentation of potental materials.  We hope to bring you a blog from Yishan about her visit to China soon!

Carbon Filtration – from kitchen filter to life-saving nanostructures by Boris Dyatkin

I first learned about dialysis from a middle school health and biology textbook. I have since learned that this procedure, which saves thousands of lives every year, causes substantial stress and is critically inefficient. In particular, existing sorbent materials are simply not up to the task of removing harmful cytokines and other biological harmful impurities […]

How NOMAD came about

The ideas for the NOMAD project were developed following a Skype meeting with Amanda Pentecost, Yury Gogotsi’s PhD student from Drexel University, USA.  We were discussing potential biological applications for her work and ended the meeting by agreeing that it would be good to look for ways to fund potential exchange visits between her lab […]

Website launched

We are pleased to launch the NOMAD website today.  We will regularly update on the progress of the project with news and blogs from our visiting researchers.  Within the ‘resources’ page we will provide papers and links to journal articles that highlight the work on nanostructures for heath and environment written by NOMAD partners.  Check […]

NOMAD Symposium

We are pleased to launch the NOMAD project at the bohemian MyHotel in Brighton.  We have a range of presentations covering aspects from the production techniques of nanostructured materials to their potential remedial health applications and environmental applications.    

Successful bid to Global Innovation Initiative fund kick-starts NOMAD

NOMAD, Nanostructured materials for the control of contaminants detrimental to Health, has successfully gained funding through the Global Innovation Initiative fund. The Global Innovation Initiative (GII) is a shared commitment of the United Kingdom and the United States to strengthen research collaboration between universities in the UK, US, and selected countries, which in NOMAD’s case […]