Shoujie Lui – cell research at UoB

I attended the 2nd Symposium meeting about the NOMAD project which took place at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xian during 2015.  At this meeting I learned about the project and the important work it was undertaking and so I felt very excited and honoured to be asked to work on the project at University of Brighton with members of the research team there.

I came to work on the project in January 2016 for a month.  I undertook Tissue Culture training as it was the first time I would be working with living cells.  The training enabled me to learn about how to change the medium and how to passage and count cells.

Shoujie 1

I also undertook MTS assay training to assess cell proliferation.  And also, with help from Yishan Zheng, learned out to culture 3T3 cells on the surface of apatite coated carbon/carbon composites.

Shoujie 2

I carried out research to assess whether cells were able to attach to the surface of the biological coating.  The results showed that the 3T3 cells indeed were able to attach.  These results will lead to further research developing from the NOMAD project.

Shoujie 3

Thank you everyone in the NOMAD team.  I hope the opportunity arises again, where I can learn more from you.