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Zhanwei Xu, Hejun Li, Huihui Sun,Qinglin Zhang, Kezhi Li. Carbon nanotubes with phthalocyanine-decorated surface produced by NH3-assisted microwave reaction and their catalytic performance in Li/SOCl2 battery. Chinese Journal of Chemistry2010, 28, 2059~2066 Huijuan Luo, Hejun Li, Qiangang Fu, Yanhui Chu, Xiaoyu Cao,Can Sun, Xiaoyan Yuan and Lei Liu.Density functional theory study on the interactions of L-cysteine with graphene: adsorption stability and magnetism. Nanotechnology 24 (2013) 4957026 Xinmeng Zhang, Kezhi Li, Hejun Li, Jinhua Lu.Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate as reducing agent for the efficient reduction of graphene oxide nanosheets.Journal of Colloid andInterface Science 409 (2013) 1–7 Zhanwei Xu, Guoxiang Zhang , Zeyuan Cao, Jianshe Zhao, Hejun Li. Effect of N atoms in the backbone of metal phthalocyanine derivatives on their catalytic activity to lithium battery. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 2010, 318: 101–105. (SCI: 000274416100014) Zhanwei Xu, Hejun Li, Gaoxiang Cao, Qinglin Zhang, Kezhi Li, Xueni Zhao. Electrochemical performance of carbon nanotube-supported cobalt phthalocyanine and its nitrogen-rich derivatives for oxygen reduction. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 2011, 335:89~96 (SCI:000287058900013) Zhanwei Xu, Hejun Li, Huijuan Luo, Huihui Sun, Gaoxiang Cao, Qinglin Zhang, Qiang Song, Kezhi Li. Graphite nanosheets doped with Fe, Ni and N synthesized in one step and their unique magnetic performance. Solid State Communications 2011,151:643~646 Hejun Li, Zhanwei Xu, Kezhi Li, Xianghui Hou, Gaoxiang Cao, Qinglin Zhang, Zeyuan Cao, Wei Li. Modification of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with cobalt phthalocyanine: Effects of the templates on the assemblies. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2011, 21 (4):1181~1186 Zhanwei Xu, Hejun Li, Gaoxiang Cao, Zeyuan Cao, Qinglin Zhang, Kezhi Li, Xianghui Hou, Wei Li, Weifeng Cao. Synthesis of hybrid graphene-carbon coated nanocatalysts. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2010, 20: 8230~ 8232

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