NOMAD launch

NOMAD (Nanostructured materials for the control of contaminants detrimental to health, had its launch symposium and first consortium meeting hosted by lead partner – University of Brighton. The symposium included talks by leading experts in the field of nanotechnology for healthcare including:

  • Steve Tennison (MAST Carbon International) – MAST Carbons for healthcare applications
  • Dr Nathan Davies (UCL, UK) – Nanostructured materials in the treatment of liver disease
  • Prof Andy Cundy (UoB, UK) – Nanostructured materials for environmental remediation
  • Prof Yury Gogotsi (Drexel, US) – Protein adsorption on CDC
  • Dr Carol Howell (UoB, UK) – Nanostructured materials in wound care
  • Amanda Pentecost (Drexel, US) – Drug Adsorption on nanodiamond
  • Dr Rosa Busquets (Kingston University, UK) – Nanostructured carbon as an effective treatment for the purification of water from a mobile mollucicide:metaldehyde
  • Prof. Fu Qiangang (NWPU, China) – Current research of carbon materials in Northwester Polytechnical University
  • Dr Susan Sandeman (UoB, UK) – Nanostructured materials for the treatment of chronic kidney disease
  • Dr. Irina Savina (UoB, UK) – Novel nanocomposite hydrogels for water remediation
  • Amanda Pentecost (Drexel, US) – Drug adsorption on nanodiamond

The symposium was attended by professionals from the health and environment sectors as well as leading researchers in developing nanostructured materials.  The purpose was to ‘set the scene’ for the work that would be carried out within the NOMAD project.  There were talks about the current state of nanotechnology materials and their use within health applications.  There was also discussion about how these materials could have potential health and environmental benefits in future applications.

We’d like to thank all that attended and particularly to those who gave presentations.  It was a perfect ‘kick off’ to a very exciting project!

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