Graphene chemistry from China to Brighton

At the end of last year Yishan Zheng visited North Western Polytechnical University based in Xi’an, China. Here’s what Yishan wrote about her time in NWPU:

In NOMAD we are focusing our work on nanostructured carbon materials, which we believe, have great potential to combat many diseases and illnesses.

Being primarily a biologist, the opportunity to work within a cross-disciplinary collaboration with experts in graphene chemistry at NWPU was extremely beneficial.   During my visit, I spent two weeks in the lab with Professor Leilei Zhang, an enthusiastic and innovative scientist, and his dedicated research students Mr Xu Zhang and Miss Shoujie Liu.   They patiently explained and taught me how they prepared graphene so that I’d be able to bring the techniques back to University of Brighton for use in the NOMAD project.

Now I’m back at Brighton we’ve already been using the graphene preparation techniques and have been testing the graphene’s ability to kill bacteria.

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